JLM 319 Online Journalism Syllabus

Fall 2015 at SUNY Oswego

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Twitter Scavenger Hunt Assignment

JLM 319

Assignment 3: Twitter Scavenger Hunt Assignment

We are practicing a new kind of skill today. You’ve done reporting before, but what is it like to report in real time on a social media platform? What skills translate and what new things are required of you? To practice this, you’re doing a Twitter Scavenger Hunt (Credit to Carrie Brown and Jeremy Litteau for doing original versions of this assignment. I’ve remixed it for my own purposes.)

• Think like a reporter. Have an eye for the interesting, the important, the relevant, the unique and the immediate. For example, you have to get quotes. Can you be patient until you get that one GREAT quote?

• Think like a journalist. Show other people what’s cool about the SUNY Oswego

• Think like a storyteller. You may only have 140 characters in each Tweet, but you can say a lot in a few words or using an image.

• Attention to detail counts! Double check your facts. First and last names (or Twitter handle, even better)! Spell names correctly.

• You may use more than one Tweet for each of the items below. Don’t overdo it, though. Less is more.

• You will want to offer an introductory Tweet or two explaining what you are doing and introducing your partner.

 •  Think about your audience. They might know you’re doing a scavenger hunt, but do they know the prompts? Use tweets that are self explanatory. So for #1, for example, a setup such as ‘Brian Moritz defines school spirit as “QUOTE” #JLM319’  has all the info the reader needs to understand why you’d be posting this information.

• Be sure to tell people their image and ideas will be posted on Twitter! It’s good etiquette.

To “turn this in” you tweet out something for every entry with the #JLM319 hashtag. THESE ARE DUE BY 2:30 P.M. TODAY.

When you are finished, you will create a Storify that contains the following items: a)All of your own Tweets b)Your top three favorite Tweets from your classmates c.) The three best responses you received from students/faculty here or at other schools. In this Storify, reflect on what you learned and observed from the experience.

THIS IS DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON TUESDAY. Post the link to Twitter, with the class hashtag, #JLM319. As a backup, email a link to Professor Moritz. 


1.  School spirit! Photo and quote from someone (not you or a classmate) revealing school or civic spirit (what that means is up to you. Be creative.)

2. Photo and quote (not you or a classmate) from your favorite eating spot or watering hole on or near campus.

3. Professor on the street. Photo and quote from a professor on campus. Ask them what role they think social media plays in our society today. Be sure you include the professor’s title and department.

4. Student on the street. Photo and quote from a student. Ask them where they get their news and if they use social media to keep up on the news. Be sure you include their year in school and major.

5. Academic excellence. Photo and quote that reveals (you are going to have to be creative) how your school contributes to cutting edge research and/or learning.

6. Lake. Big Lake. Photo of your favorite lake view on or near campus.

7. Little-known fact. Photo and quote of something you think many people might not know about your school or campus or city.

8. Fanatic fans - Photo/quote from somebody asking for their prognosis on the their favorite sports team’s season.

9. Extracurricular extravaganza: Photo and quote that exemplifies some of the huge variety of clubs, organizations, etc. available to students at our university.

10. Freestyle: Your very own final unique tidbit of information/photo about our campus or city. Be creative.

Last but not least VINE CHALLENGE : One of the 10 things you post MUST BE A VINE VIDEO (or other suitable video platform). Be creative with it!

And … when you are done, or even while you are going, respond to students/faculty/readers who are following along. Engage your readers!

REMEMBER: For full credit, don’t think of this as just a series of 10 Tweets you’re sending out. Remember, you’re a reporter, and you’re telling a story.