Required reading - Whitlock

I linked to this yesterday, but it's worthy of a separate post. Jason Whitlock tore Mitch Albom and APSE a new spacehole yesterday. I don't have much to add. I don't always agree with Whitlock, but he nails it here. Unlike some of the other Mitch Albom stuff, which was related more to Albom's behavior, this is more about the newspaper industry as a whole. Some of the money quotes:

At a time when it’s embarrassingly obvious we should’ve adopted new content approaches 15 years ago, APSE, by defiantly recognizing Albom, is stating “we did nothing wrong.” ...

The newspaper industry is being driven by fear. The market place of ideas has disappeared. There are no jobs. People have mortgages to pay and kids in need of daycare or college. Everyone just tries to avoid conflict and avoid the next round of layoffs.

Fear and ass-kissing won’t save newspapers. What's everyone else think?