Women in the locker room ... really?

Really? We're still having this discussion? In 2010, we're still talking about whether women sports reporters should be in the locker room and treated the same as men?


People ... this isn't an area of debate. This isn't a question that needs to be answered. This is a matter of FEDERAL LAW. A federal court ruled that a sports team could not close its locker room to women if it is open to men. If a locker room is open, it's open to everyone. If it's closed, it's closed to everyone. Period.

The Ines Saiz-New York Jets situation has been the story of the last few days. Look - the Jets acted like idiots. It's the frat boy atmosphere that Rex Ryan has installed. And yes, I know that these are young athletic men amped up on testosterone (and perhaps other enhancement drugs), and that this was an attractive lady in the room ... but let's not allow that to excuse bad behavior. These are grown men, in their 20s and 30s, multi-millionares. They can be held to an adult standard. I don't think it's a stretch to ask them to act like adults.

And yes, Ines Saiz is not blameless. This is a woman who wore a wedding dress to Super Bowl media day several years ago to propose to Tom Brady, who measured players biceps on the air in another story. She has very clearly traded on her looks and her sex appeal. That in no way excuses the Jets behavior (to do so is the equivalent of the "She asked for it" defense). But to pretend that she's a blameless victim isn't right.

And then there's Cinton Portis and his dumb-assery. Let's say it, for those of you who may not realize it: Not all women reporters are in the locker room trying to get laid by an athlete. They're there to do their jobs, get their quotes so they can file a story on deadline and get home. Just like the rest of us. (Interesting side note: Why is this a man-woman issue to Portis? Who's to say there haven't been gay men in locker rooms looking at an athlete's packages ... )

And please don't give the argument that "Well, men should be allowed in woman's locker rooms. Fair's fair." I have never covered an event where woman's locker rooms are open to the media. So it's not an issue. Besides, as a former male reporter, I would have felt uneasy being in a woman's locker room. It's a matter of respect for me.

Look, the Jets players and coaches acted like idiots. Ines Sainz hasn't exactly distinguished the field of journalism or advanced the cause of women journalists in the past. And Clinton Portis is a dumb-ass. We can leave it at that. We don't have to make a federal case about this.

There's already been a federal case about it.

So really, this case is closed.