Prior restrain this, Redskins.

So, it's been a bad week for the NFL in media relations. First, the J-E-T-S (Our fans can spell!) had their little flap, followed by Clinton Portis' dumb-assery. (Note, if you haven't read Sally Jenkins or Dan Wetzel on this. Go. Do it now. Seriously. It's much better writing than you're going to get here).

And today, the news leaked out that the Redskins have issued media guidelines trying to prohibit blogging and twittering during practice (I refuse to call it tweeting. Can't do it.) I'm told that the Bills tried to do this to during training camp.

Which is, of course, complete crap.

The notion of blogging and twittering during games has raised issues between teams, leagues and writers to. But at least there's a logical reason to it. It's to protect the financial interests of the leagues and networks. There's a lot of money at stake there. I don't necessarily think that makes it right, but it's at least understandable and logical.

This, is pure nonsense.

There's no financial stake at practice. No rights holders that are having their profits threatened. It's pure control. It's the team and the league trying to control the flow of information. I'm not saying this is a Pentagon Papers-situation, but this is an example of prior restraint. Pure and simple.

Also, it's unfair. Media can't twitter and blog, but there's no one stopping fans from doing it? That's unfair.

Like it or not, Twitter and blogs are a part of a reporters' job these days. The Redskins and all NFL teams should let reporters do their jobs.