Taking a break

I know what you're thinking ... really? A break? You've posted like three entries this month. That too much of a breakneck pace for you? Fingers tired? Fair point. And I wish I could write. So much fun stuff ... Deadspin and Favre (anyone else concerned about how Deadspin got, and reported, this story? I'm telling you, they're gonna get burned huge); LeBatard (did he really compare newspapers to a restaurant? Really?). A Nieman report that shows sports sections are a newspaper's innovators and early adapters (could have told you that).

Lots of good stuff. But ... I've got three classes I'm taking, Ph.D. applications, a thesis to write ...

And ... most importantly ...

Sports Media Ellie

Born last week (Oct. 2).

So yeah, I'll be away for a while. Maybe I'll pop back in. I hope so.