Fill your Instapaper queue (Weekly links)

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I'm trying something new here. I'm hoping to compile a weekly list of links to interesting stories about sports media and the other things I write about here. I'm hoping to make this at least a semi-regular feature. The point isn't to make it a weekly round-up of news items you've already read, but longer pieces that may be more suited for saving to Instapaper (or your long-form reader of choice. Although it should be Instapaper. Because it's the best one.)

This Boston Magazine piece is, on its face, about the legacy Boston sports media. But really, it's a call for more innovation on the sports pages.

There have been many pieces about how NFL players understand the risks they are taking. Jerry Sullivan's column is a perfect illustration of The Sport Ethic in play.

As a part of his story on Ray Lewis, Tim Graham of the Buffalo News talked to Dr. Lawrence Wenner from Loyola Marymount University, about the media's role in perpetuating the mythology of sports heroes. His views are worth reading.

My wife pointed this one out to me, about how the internet is providing long-form sports writing with a home.

Of all the sporting events in the world, the Super Bowl is at the bottom of the list of ones I'd want tickets to. Will Leitch explains why.