Where've I been?

What have I been doing the past month? Living out of these boxes.

So you may be wondering, why has this blog been so quiet the past month? (I doubt it, you never know.) First of all, thanks for caring so much that you'd wonder such a thing.

Second, it's been a quiet month at Sports Media Guy because I'm in the middle of studying for my qualifying exams. Starting next week, I'm taking four 4-hour closed-book written exams as a part of my doctoral program at Syracuse University. It's like a cross between the bar exam and final exams. If I pass them, I can eventually move on to being a doctoral candidate, start my dissertation, and keep moving along the path to full-time employment.

And since four 4-hour exams in communications theory, research methods, organizational sociology and perspectives in new and social media are quite daunting, I've had to put the blog on hiatus while I study.

My last exam is June 19, so after that, I'm hoping to be up and blogging again. I may have a post before that on the recent steroid story, but I make no promises.

Talk to you guys soon!