2018: A Year in Review

Thank you all for spending another year with me here at Sports Media Guy.

I love lists and countdowns, so here are a few.

First off: The 10 most popular posts of this year (I did not include the home page, the contact page or anything like that). All stats come from Squarespace analytics, which hosts my site.

  1. The history of sports journalism (Part 1 of 3)
  2. What gets left behind with The Athletic
  3. The history of sports journalism (Part 2 of 3)
  4. Where's our damn pizza? Why sports hates election night.
  5. The "problem" with women's sports
  6. The history of sports journalism (part 3 of 3)
  7. Tom Brady and white privilege
  8. What's changed about sports journalism?
  9. Welding and player boycotts: 10 years after my biggest story
  10. Earl Warren's view of the sports page

So the interesting thing here is that only two of the most popular posts were written this year. Heck, one of them was from 2013.

Here are the 10 most popular posts that were written in 2018

  1. What gets left behind with The Athletic
  2. The "problem" with women's sports
  3. What's changed about sports journalism?
  4. Refined thoughts on The Athletic
  5. The Athletic and the importance of diversity in sports journalism
  6. ESPN's new app is a huge disappointment
  7. What's changed about sports journalism: Social media and expectations
  8. What hasn't changed about sports journalism
  9. Leaving Sports Journalism’s never easy
  10. Interview tips and advice for sports journalists

And finally, the 10 most popular episodes of The Other 51 (stats via Podtrac).

  1. Episode 60: That's How Jobs Work with Shea Serrano
  2. Episode 59: What They Don't Know with James Mirtle
  3. Episode 67: Neutral Site with Bryan Curtis
  4. Episode 64: Beyond 24/7 with Jen McCaffrey
  5. Episode 73: Metro Community News with Richard Deitsch
  6. Episode 58: Seven layers with Mike Harrington
  7. Episode 80: Labor of Love with Jeff Pearlman
  8. Episode 71: Podcast Inception with Dr. Galen Clavio
  9. Episode 76: Going With My Gut with Kimberley A. Martin
  10. Episode 68: Watergate Baby with Kevin Blackistone