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In my Sports Writing and Reporting class at SUNY-Oswego, my students have started their own newsletters. Over the next three weeks or so, they are acting as beat writers and aggregating newsletters on a team of their choice. (You can find their work on the JLM312 tag on Twitter)

And since one of the precepts I live by in teaching is that I never want to ask my students to do something I’m not willing to do myself, it’s time to restart this newsletter.

So welcome back to the Sports Media Guy newsletter.

Here’s what you can find here:

A brief essay

I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing regularly. This will give me both the chance and the deadline to do so.

The top five pieces about sports journalism from this week.

The idea of this newsletter is to be a central place for news about sports journalism. Not necessarily sports media (there will rarely be any talk of TV ratings here), but sports journalism. If sports journalism is my scholarly beat, then this is the place to aggregate news on this.

To paraphrase Will Leitch, if you’re subscribing to my newsletter, I figure there’s a decent chance you’d be interested in my other work I do. So I’ll include links to posts on Sports Media Guy and to episodes of The Other 51 and The Flip Side. If you enjoy them, I’d be honored if you considered subscribing at the links provided.

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